Not-just-Sunday Activities

Not-just-Sunday Activities

1:00 pm, July 7 2024

Post-Assembly picnic

Join us after the Assembly for lunch! Keep an eye on the weather and event listing in case we need to change venue. Bring a picnic mat and food from home or the nearby shops. We usually get others jump in last minute at the Assembly so there will be more people than are showing on the event.

Not-just-Sunday Activities

3:00 pm, July 7 2024

Board Games Club

Join us at our second in-person boardgames meetup for June. If the weather is warm and dry we will picnic and play boardgames. If not we’ll be indoors. Newcomers are very welcome. We generally play short, easy to learn fun games.

Not-just-Sunday Activities

Article Club

If you like the idea of joining a book club, but find yourself too busy to finish the books in time, Article Club is for you! We meet every six weeks or so at the Lyttleton bar at the National Theatre to discuss two articles – usually one relating to politics or current affairs and one relating to history, culture or science. We aim to challenge ourselves to read a diverse range of articles and to think more deeply about the broader themes of the topic.

Date TBA – 7:30pm to around 9:15pm. We sit on the soft round seats in the Lyttleton Theatre bar on the first floor.

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