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Volunteer with Us

Fundraising Trustee

We are seeking a Trustee Board member with fundraising expertise, drive, and enthusiasm to assist in the delivery of its charitable aims.

You can find more information about the role and how to apply on Reach Volunteering.

Read more about becoming a Fundraising Trustee
Volunteer with Us

Stage Tech

Stage and Sound Tech Volunteers needed!

We’re looking for volunteers to help run the sound and stage tech at Sunday Assembly. This is a great chance to gain more familiarity with live stage tech, work closely with brilliant musicians, and be involved in Sunday Assembly behind the scenes! If you don’t have experience but are keen to learn, we can provide support and training.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with our Music Lead, Rob, at music@sundayassembly.com

Take a look at the full role description here!
Volunteer with Us

Fundraising Hub Lead

About the role

You will lead the Fundraising Hub to devise and deliver the fundraising strategy with a view to sustaining and developing Sunday Assembly London and in turn helping the community and the wider public achieve the aims of living better, helping often and wondering more. You’ll advocate for excellent supporter experience and as part of the co-ordination crew, play an important role in shaping what we are able to offer to our community.

What you will be doing 

  • Devise Sunday Assembly’s fundraising strategy, which is likely to incorporate grant funding, one off fundraising events, and donations from community members (either as regular givers or as one off donors at assemblies)
  • Identify and apply for relevant funding opportunities 
  • Deliver grant evaluation reports, where required by funders
  • Come up with creative ways to increase donations and promote donor retention
  • Recruit, co-ordinate and support volunteer fundraisers (for example, to run one off fundraising events)
  • Be the point of contact for fundraising practice across the charity
  • Stay updated with best practice in fundraising and data protection, ensuring compliance with GDPR and PECR

How much time will it normally take?

We anticipate that this role will take up around 8 hours a month.  This time is likely to reduce once you have recruited a team of volunteers to support you.

You will also be expected to attend co-ordination crew meetings, which are currently held fortnightly on Zoom.  These usually last about an hour.

What support will be available?

You will meet fortnightly with other members of the co-ordination crew, where you will be able to share any concerns and be supported to carry out your role.  You will also have access to a WhatsApp group.

In addition, you will work closely with the board of trustees to ensure that our fundraising strategy is in line with our charitable objectives and strategic plans.

You will receive a volunteer handbook designed to help everyone access information easily and dip into to check things out. 

What should I be able to do?

These are the skills and experiences that will be useful for you as a fundraising lead: 

  • Strategic thinker with a resolution focused attitude. 
  • Experience in diversifying income streams.
  • Experience of successful grant writing and authoring evaluation reports.
  • Community and events fundraising experience. 
  • Proven ability to improve acquisition and retention of supporters. 
  • Advocate for the supporter experience and improving community engagement. 
  • Knowledge of fundraising regulations, best practice, GDPR and PECR.
  • Strong organisational skills and the ability to manage a range of activities. 

What will I learn? 

You will have the chance to gain the following skills: 

  • Leadership and volunteer management, including supporting and mentoring peer volunteers.
  • A good understanding of how small volunteer-led charities run. 
  • Experience of applying for grants and developing a charity grant portfolio.
  • Experience of working as part of a team to organise fundraising events

What do I do if I want to apply for this role? 

The first step is to have a chat with the co-ordination crew lead, Gwawr.  Drop an email to gwawr@sundayassembly.com or find me at an assembly, and we’ll arrange a chat. 

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