Main Events

Main Events

11:00 am, July 21 2024

Cantat Ergo Sumus: Hymns of the Philosophers.

Ever been moved by Nietzsche’s philosophical musings, but been desperate to hear them sung in the style of Bob Dylan? Well, today is your lucky day, as we are joined by the inimitable Paul Lodge, musician and Professor of philosophy at Oxford University, who does just that!

Join us for a titillating blend of music, philosophy and literature as Paul offers his unique musical interpretations of the work of Nietzsche as well as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walter Benjamin, and Margaret Cavendish.

Paul’s songs have been featured on BBC Radio Oxford Introducing and BBC Radio Cumbria. In 2022 he launched his album Preludes to Wordsworth in the poet’s home, Rydal Mount, at the invitation of Wordsworth’s descendants.

We are also joined by comedian and poet, Sam Rix who will bring us a joyous medley of hilarious spoken word exploring creativity, social media and everything in between.

There will be four fantastic songs performed by our very own Sunday Assembly Band, so bring your best singing voices and dancing shoes! Please stay after for tea, biscuits, and engaging conversations with members of our community.

Main Events

11:00 am, July 7 2024

Space Oddity

Right now, something strange is going on in the cosmos… Scientists are uncovering a catalogue of weird phenomena that simply can’t be explained by our long-established theories of the universe.

After decades of fruitless searching, could we finally be catching glimpses of a profound new view of our physical world? Or are we being fooled by cruel tricks of the data?

To celebrate the launch of his recent book, experimental physicist at CERN and acclaimed science presenter Harry Cliff will take us through some of this groundbreaking new research.

Main Events

11:00 am, June 16 2024

Making Light of Chemistry

Sunday Assembly London has a new home! We are very excited to welcome you all to our inaugural Assembly at our new HQ of the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green, a legendary venue on the London events scene having played host to some of the best acts in the country! To sillybrate this joyous marriage of our two institutions we are today exploring the relationship between Science and Comedy, with two of the funniest nerds in the business! Dr Steve Cross is a stand-up comedian, presenter and founder of CLEVERmakeFUNNY, which trains academics, museums professionals, software engineers, architects and lawyers to make comedy part of their lives.

Dr Steve will talk to us about how finding the funny side of science helps to unpack its biases and helps us drive social and political change by embracing the concept of absurdity.

We are also absolutely thrilled to be tickled by the presence of award-winning comedian with a Phd in Statistics, Merry Martyn. Often seen performing with a Rubik’s cube, Merry was the winner of Queerovision in August ‘22, semi-finalist for Comedy Virgins #INGTE ’22 and West End New Act of the Year ’23.

Main Events

11:00 am, May 19 2024

Metaphysics Eats Culture for Breakfast

Many feel that contemporary Western culture is in the grips of a meaning crisis. Are we unsure of our direction, as we grapple with climate change, runaway AI, geopolitical instability and increasing challenges around mental health?

In this talk, Alexander Beiner will examine this moment in history, with a particular focus on AI, social media and psychedelics, to argue that materialist metaphysics play a major role in our cultural dislocation today. Drawing on the research for his book ‘The Bigger Picture’, he’ll argue that ‘New Atheism’ is giving way to ‘New Animism’ and what implications this has for the future of humanity.

Alexander is a writer, commentator and co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, a media and events organization focussing on making sense of culture and complexity.

We are also thrilled to have poetry from Max Ingmar. Max is a queer, non-binary writer, musician and artist. They make art that acts as a series of small exorcisms; the good, the bad and the hopeful.

There will also be the usual smorgasbord of songs, tea and community.

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