The Public Charter

The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life. Our motto: live better, help often, wonder more. Our mission: to help everyone find and fulfill their full potential. Our vision: a godless congregation in every town, city and village that wants one.

We are here for everyone who wants to:

  • Live Better. We aim to provide inspiring, thought-provoking and practical ideas that help people to live the lives they want to lead and be the people they want to be

  • Help Often. Assemblies are communities of action building lives of purpose, encouraging us all to help anyone who needs it to support each other

  • Wonder More. Hearing talks, singing as one, listening to readings and even playing games helps us to connect with each other and the awesome world we live in.

The Sunday Assembly

  1. Is 100% celebration of life. We are born from nothing and go to nothing. Let’s enjoy it together.
  2. Has no doctrine. We have no set texts so we can make use of wisdom from all sources.
  3. Has no deity. We don’t do supernatural but we also won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do.
  4. Is radically inclusive. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their beliefs – this is a place of love that is open and accepting.
  5. Is free to attend, not-for-profit and volunteer run. We ask for donations to cover our costs and support our community work.
  6. Has a community mission. Through our Action Heroes (you!), we will be a force for good.
  7. Is independent. We do not accept sponsorship or promote outside businesses, organisations or services
  8. Is here to stay. With your involvement, The Sunday Assembly will make the world a better place
  9. We won’t tell you how to live, but will try to help you do it as well as you can
  10. And remember point 1… The Sunday Assembly is a celebration of the one life we know we have

What should you expect from a Sunday Assembly event?

Just by being with us you should be energised, vitalised, restored, repaired, refreshed and recharged. No matter what the subject of the Assembly, it will solace worries, provoke kindness and inject a touch of transcendence into the everyday.

But life can be tough… It is. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, we have moments of weakness or life just isn’t fair. We want The Sunday Assembly to be a house of love and compassion, where, no matter what your situation, you are welcomed, accepted and loved.

Most of all, have fun, be nice and join in.

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    1. Jo Hart

      One definition of Religion is ‘ collective worship and ritual towards something supernatural…’ So yes and no I guess. But if u define supernatural as the magic of togetherness and entrainment thru .usic then, who knows, maybe yes, a religion it may be.

    2. Richard Shewmaker

      No, atheism is not a religion. Atheists do not have deities, clergy, holy places, creeds, or sacred history recorded in venerated scripture. Most importantly, atheists do not have DOUBT! Religious people gather in elaborate and expensive edifices–churches, temples, mosques, wots, and whatever, for the purpose of mutual reassurance of their beliefs because without that periodic group support their inner DOUBTS about the “truths” of the teachings of their religions would become uncomfortable.

      As an atheist, I have no need for the support of other non-believers in god(s) just as I have no need for others to regularly reassure me that Santa Claus will not invade my home or that the easter bunny will not litter my lawn with decorated eggs.

  7. Gordon Mitchell

    Hi,fellow concerned humans!!.Just got to get this going,are there any interested chosen one’s in my area of Stirling.Would be great if i were not alone,spread the love,old hippy ,Mitch x

      1. Emma Williams

        Hi Sanderson, I attended MK Sunday Assembly yesterday and am keen to start an event in Kettering. I have registered my interest on here but dont seem to be able to start a new forum topic about an assembly in this area. Can you please advise how to do this? Thank you

      2. Dilip Balu

        Hi Sanderson,

        I’d love to start a forum for my local area (North Western Sydney). I’m having some trouble working out how to create a profile that allows me to do this (or have I just done this by replying to you?).


      3. Gavin

        Sanderson, is there a way I can contact you privately? I wish to clarify something I said you at the Portland, Oregon, USA Sunday Assembly opening event.

    1. emma

      Hi there. How are you? Did you get any response? I’m from Stirling too and interested.

  8. Barry Brears

    This is the best news ever.Please someone get one going in Launceston Tasmania if there is anyone out there who wants to give it a go,I could help a bit.I’m 72 can’t handle it all on my own.

  9. Antony Hellewell

    Hello all and thanks for SA! Sounds like a great idea. Is there a ‘church’ already in Manchester UK or if not, how can i go about setting one up??

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  11. Clare

    I absolutely love this idea. I think that lonliness and lack of community has reached epidemic proportions in the modern world for those of us who don’t believe in god. We need the benefits that church provides without the god element. Please keep up the good work. I found this through an article a christian friend of mine sent me and it mentioned one might be starting in Exeter where I spend a lot of my weekends. Is there any news on this?

  12. Eric Best

    Hi from Tamworth. While not an atheist myself (I do live in Tamworth), I think that what you are doing looks promising as a putting into practice of Alain de Botton’s ‘Atheism 2.0′. I was a little concerned seeing the photo of your gathering, with the rows of seats facing towards a stage, in that structurally you may be in danger of adopting some of the limitations of traditional theistic gatherings. Christians (amongst others) have been doing this stuff for a long time and some of them are now trying to avoid some of the (to them) well known pitfalls in interesting ways. Check out, for example, http://www.solacechurch.org.au, and, perhaps, pay them a visit. They might help you expand the creative possibilities of your own endeavour (as well as avoid some dangers).

  13. Adam Fergie

    I recently saw, or rather took part in your show Wonder and Joy at Edinburgh Fringe which I was very impressed with. It really filled me with enthusiasm and a feeling of actually enjoying life for what it is. I hope very much that you come back next year and I am sure you will need a bigger venue by then. Maybe just take over from the Tattoo or something. But I was just writing to say thanks for the most inspiring 45 minutes I have ever had. Thanks again <3

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  17. Mark

    This sounds like a great idea and I’ll be there when you come to DC.

    Question. How much do you stress critical thinking and rationality in people’s everyday lives in your talks(sermons?)? Even if theism completely disappeared it wouldn’t necessarily cause people to make more logical decisions, and this seems like a great opportunity to push for that.

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  22. Jean Vermeer

    Sunday Assembly, where do you assemble? In the open?
    Then it could be free from costs.
    But I suppose, that soon people would like a “home” of its own>
    Free of charge? I doubt about it.
    So you will have to pay for it., same as with all real churches.

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  29. David Jinkins

    Might want to change Vancouver, US to Vancouver, CA on your splash page. Have you ever endured the wrath of an angry Canuck? It mostly involves him being slightly less polite than usual. But you should change the country anyway.

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  33. Morya

    Dear Sanderson and Pipa, This all looks brilliant and I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been working on something that is fundamentally the same but focuses on mass collaboration and education to make change. Because my background is webdesign/programing/hypnotherarpist/author/recruiter/psychologist I have built a collaboration site first. Here is what I would say, if you asked me which of course you have not but still… save some of your £500k don’t build your own platform. WordPress is great as I am sure you already know but also google can take a lot of the strain. Maybe you have already figured this out, if you want some more help drop me a line. All be best, Morya

  34. judith greene

    Great idea! Any assemblies in Edinburgh yet? Please let me know where and when and I would definitely give my support. Judith x

  35. Cyril Weatherhead

    .About time an alternative to a God being the only thing to bind caring human beings together.  A club where people of like minds and feelings can encourage each other, care for each other and work together for the common good of all mankind is long overdue. Of course it took a comedian to do it, an English man and woman to boot. Me being both English and a nonbeleaver I feel a great affinity to what is being started here. Tell me more please. Good luck.

  36. nun

    Love the idea…. please reconsider the usage of the names Sunday and church, for they do also repeat and preserve old differences and don’t allow fresh new air into society. unfortunately, to me, the strength of your strategy is your weakness.

  37. Vans

    Looking to join/start an assembly in Hull.
    Anybody knows of one or is interested in starting one please feel free to get in touch.
    Have a great and groovy day

    1. Gil


      I leave in Ottawa. I just heard about that movement and I’m really interested in. I’d like to know more about it. Would you like to chat about it?


    2. Gil


      I’m interested in joining an assembly in Ottawa/Hull.

      Do you know how do we log in to start a blog on this website?


  38. Carroll Hanks

    I am in the process of creating some printed shirts for the Portland group and need a high resolution file of the green logo for printing. I only have a low res one now. Where can I obtain one?

  39. Goose

    This proves that Atheism is a religion after all. I have had this argument with people who get lost in the details. Deductively speaking, you will find that religion being a dirty word to atheist intellectuals is becoming a form of self denial. Of course, traditionally speaking there is a break here, but to not see the connection to lets say Buddhism or Atheistic Quakers for example is simply silly. Atheism can be a religion, because religion does not necessarily mean belief in the supernatural. Religion is simply a belief which becomes a creed and a philosophy for life and how to live it. Levels of organization also vary, as in all belief systems. I find this very compelling, although I myself am probably agnostic.

    Best wishes.

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  42. Nicki

    I have been wondering why there was nothing like this available for the non believers for many years. I desperately yearn to get involved in something like this. Not sure how much use I would be though as I am a wheelchair user. But if can can do anything, I am up for it. I live near Rayleigh in Essex.

  43. Karl Rasmussen

    In the recent past, Heaven was, only just above the clouds and beyond visibility by a short, comprehensible distance. Now, it is at least as far away as the cuiper belt and as it recedes, it is heartening to watch alternatives come alive. The Heaven between the two eternities (birth and death) sound like a perfect choice. Regards from Karl.

  44. Reg Natarajan

    Hello, please note that your Vancouver assembly is not in the US as your website claims. It is in Canada, although I admit the difference is minimal lately.

  45. David

    Thanks for coming to San Diego today! I experienced fun and wonder. Is there a private mechanism (email?) for comments and constructive criticism, or should I just post here? I’d love to see you/us succeed.

  46. Andre'

    What a great idea. With just the support and joy of like-minded folk, sans God, will immediately start a healing. I have always felt an outsider, not only because of my sexual identity, but also as a caring , thoughtful atheist. Please tell me there is a connection/group going in NC. Is there?
    Thank you for taking the plunge into true kindness and love.

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  48. Stu

    No dogma/doctrines … sounds a little similar to the ‘astral plane’ world-view.
    Hence, a way of discussing the spiritual realm, without getting into the nuts&bolts of religion.

    Dear sunday assembly – what are your thoughts on ‘the astral plane’, as well as psychics, mystics, mediums? I know that Christianity considers these things “the work of the devil” … but just wondering what your stance is.

  49. Joe Bowers

    Good luck pulling this off in Ohio, there are way too many brainwashed hicks here to get much support.

  50. Nancy Dollard

    Good! Nice to read about non-believers getting together & doing good! As an ”out” atheist in OH, we need more of these social support groups. 1/5 of all Americans are NON-religious, (20%)! I left religion b/c of homophobia/sexism & never looked back! Hope to see this happen in NE OH and throughout the state of Ohio! Also, please help end church bulletin discounts w/my petiton at http://www.care2.com, look for: ”Atheists denied dicount at Cici’s pizza chain.” Thanks!

  51. Daniel

    What’s this? An Atheist/Agnostic/Spiritual but Not Religious/Humanitarian community?
    I grew up in a church. I do miss the togetherness, community, helping people, etc.
    I left organized religion because they have a tendency to repeat things until they are accepted as truth. -That’s brain washing. They also pick and chose parts of the Bible that they feel best represents the idea they want to support. Many use the Bible to promote bigotry and hatred. If there is a God, and it’s all merciful/loving, then that would violet it’s prime directive.
    Having a place where people can go, get that feeling of community, not be judged, promote feelings of joy and love, learn how to be better human beings, help others…ironically this is what many Christian churches strive to obtain to be like.
    We’ll have to create a new word for this new thing which has come about.
    Religion preaches a certain dogma, this place has none.
    It is a Church, but churches are buildings used for worship. There is no worship here.
    Assembly would be a better word, although many churches use it now to describe their worship. However, Assembly is not a word strictly tied to it.

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  53. dk

    Great idea! But please reconsider the use of “Sunday”. As long as Sunday remains in the name or as the holy day, you’re technically roman catholic:
    “… The Catholic Church says: ‘No. By my divine power I abolish the Sabbath day and command you to keep holy the first day of the week.’ And lo! The entire civilized world bows down in a reverent obedience to the command of the holy Catholic Church.” -T. Enright, C.S.S.R., in a lecture at Hartford, Kansas, Feb. 18,1884.

    so please assemble on Monday or Thursday or Saturday, but not on Sunday, thx.

  54. Butch

    I like the general idea of your organization, except for it’s flawed fundamentalist aspect. You say you have no dogma but then state categorically “we are born from nothing and go to nothing”. If you’re talking about our physically bodies, that statement is, scientifically and literally speaking, not true. If you’re talking about our consciousness, I would say you can’t be sure of that, since consciousness continues to elude a clear scientific understanding, and some scientifically minded researchers (such as Sam Parnia MD (“Erasing Death”)) point to evidence that should at least make one wonder what happens to the “mind” after the body ceases to function. There are metaphysical questions as well. “Why does anything exist anyway,” as Heidegger put it – questions physics can never answer. Even as it takes us to within milliseconds of the Big Bang, as one approaches the presumed singularity scientific “laws” as we understand them completely break down. If you’re going to be truly open, why not acknowledge the fundamental mystery of being (and nothingness), the possibility that metaphysical questions may simply be unanswerable, or possibly require transitioning to non-verbal states of mind such as those which meditation seeks to foster, and avoid making those categorical statements of belief like “we are born from nothing and go to nothing”. Such set-in-stone beliefs about our individual pasts and futures don’t seem necessary if your mission is truly focused on improving one’s humanity in the present moment.

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  59. Tess

    I’m sorry, I really don’t like this. I get what you’re trying to do and of course you’re entitled to do what you want… but I just really don’t like this at all. Yeah, you don’t have rules or texts or whatever. And yeah you’re trying to do good, but it just feels wrong to me. I grew up going to church and I’ve embraced a life without it. It just seems like it is going to lead down a road where I will have to come up with another name for my lack of beliefs so as not to be associated with this mega church zealots. I could be wrong, though, and you guys can possibly go on to change the world. But like I said, this just feels wrong. It feels like religion. Church is a nasty word to me. It makes my skin crawl. But good on ya for tryin’!

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  61. Erik Kulick

    I’ve been crossdressing to religious meetinghouses of all types since learning of Mormon women who received death threats for starting ‘Wear Pants to Church Day’ to give a voice to the marginalized and underrepresented and to inspire critical thinking. I’ve been inquiring about the focus on belief that is found in most meetinghouses and challenging its necessity in a place where a love for wisdom is the more effective motivator for upright behavior.

    A googling of ‘Crossdressing Mormon’ will produce the audio from when the LDS church had me assaulted as they tried to have me charged with trespassing and resisting arrest for showing up two hours early to my apostasy trial and refusing to leave until tried.

  62. Banga

    How does this differ with a social club where people meet to dance, donate money and get to know each other? If that is not the case, then the SA is a church/religion without a godhead. Can some one explain

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  64. Padmaparna Ghosh

    This is Padmaparna Ghosh, assistant editor with The Times of India newspaper in New Delhi — it is a national English daily. I came across an AFP story on the Sunday Assembly and we want to interview Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans for the paper. How can I get in touch with them for a possible interview please?
    Would hugely appreciate a reply.
    Many thanks,

  65. mitcoes

    SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES I do want Atheist Schools EDUCATION is the way to go.

    ATHEIST parents has no schools where they can send their children to all over the world

    And education is a business itself it only needs seed capital.

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  67. Jeff

    Hey there,

    I’m a life-long atheist, and I have blogged about this at length. It’s not for me, but ultimately I see the merit for some. But you really need to remove/replace all of the religious language in your organizations materials. It will only be used against us – I have already had it used against me when defending your organization by religious individuals. Don’t call yourself a congregation in your mission statement, don’t use worlds like church or sermon. There are readily available replacements that work just as well and convey the same message without immediately bringing religion to mind for most Americans.

    Good luck,

    1. Geoff

      I agree in part. I personally don’t have a problem with words like ‘congregation’ or even ‘sermon’, but I struggle with this whole concept when words like ‘christening’ is used. (Sanderson used the term on the radio this morning.) I’m reminded of the time when I attended the humanist equivalent of a baptism and the humanist leader of the event started referring to ‘godparents’. I don’t think these terms should be part of the vocabulary.

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  70. Brad SHIN

    Hi, there. I heard about this organisation from a magazine. I am Korean(South) and as soon as I saw this news, my eyes were open wide and made me so shocked. I think S.A(Sunday assembly) is an amazing organisation and I would like to spread the seed in South Korea as well. I stayed Australia for about 5 years to study and now am back to my country. I am currently unemployed but studying Accounting and Taxation Law. The reason why I am sending this msg is to find out how I get an approval for setting up the organisation in my country. The vision & misson of yours are what I value for my entire life. Please let me know what I have to do to get ready for it. Unfortunately, I am not financially enough but my passion is big enough to devote what I have for enlarging this idea. Please let me know.

  71. Surya

    Your mention of Vancouver says Vancouver, US…we’re in Canada and a little bit proud of that…!

    It was great to meet you last night – hope we can get something going in our little (canadian) town!

  72. Heenan73

    “We don’t do supernatural but we also won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do.”

    I’m afraid this rather undermines it for me – you’ll end up talking about god / nogod all day. Boring.

    But good luck and Merry Festivus to you!

  73. Todd Wiese

    I may be in the minority here, but I think this is a bad idea. The media are already calling this movement a church and it’s just a matter of time before it’s labeled a religion–something we definitely don’t need. There are plenty of places for atheists to gather: libraries, universities, pubs, private homes; there’s a danger in congregating on a Sunday morning despite your best intentions. I realize that everyone has a need to gather with their fellow humans and especially connect socially with other atheists, but don’t do it on Sunday morning. You couldn’t have picked a worse time to hold these assemblies. Theists are going to look at you and say, “See? These atheists have a hole in their lives that only religion can fill. They’re seeking out the Lord without even knowing it. You can’t escape from God. See? I told you atheism was a religion!” I would be more receptive to this idea if it didn’t look so much, too much, like a regular church service. The whole idea gives me the willies.

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  78. Kennie

    I will be praying for you all. Please turn away from this evil and hive your lives to God. I love all my brothers and sisters and do not want you to go to hell. Imagine burning in hell for ETERNITY. no matter what you believe, this is what is going to happen is you don’t accept Christ into your hearts. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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  83. Andy Belk

    looks a good thing to me? just keep it that way and avoid the pitfalls of ‘traditional’ power and manipulation from the cloth boys!
    look at my http://www.live-riffquiz its really easy to do, fun for everyone and very competitive. I came up with it about 3 years ago because I love playing riffs etc, love the electric guitar but hate jamming for hours to get ‘sets’ off with other musicians. Okay, you think I’m lazy…………..I’m still in a band BUT I’d rather do a live riff quiz and raise a bit of money for community!
    Playing In Sheffield at Xmas for HARC, this will be the third year we have done it,
    I do get a buzz of playing and entertaining these homeless people over Saturnalia!
    Andy…………….ANY GUITARIST CAN DO THIS>>>>Raise some charity cash NOW!

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  85. Mahamati

    I went tonight, great fun , about 80 there. Could not stay to the future planning group but left email address for future happenings. So hope this takes off, i went to onein London and loved it

  86. Evan

    The Sunday Assembly is a terrific idea. offering, as it does, the opportunity for people to truly live their Humanity together in accord with others of like mind. I would like to invite everyone within the movement to support the work of Hemley Gonzales in his wonderful but undersupported HUMANIST charity RESPONSIBLE CHARITY. Hemley and his team work tirelessly in the slums of Kolkata, doing real, direct work with those most in need. Please, check out the work here: http://www.responsiblecharity.org/ and support fellow Humanists in their valuable work!

    Maybe each Assembly could adopt this charity as their own?

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  92. Bane Gauger

    Dear Sirs

    I am living in Denmark. Do you have contacts here who wants to start up?

    Best regards
    Bane Gauger

  93. Stewart C Baker

    Just saw an article about an SA launching in Portland, and think this is a brilliant idea. What bugs me so much about capital-a Atheism is often its focus on bashing religion instead of on personal, intellectual growth and community inclusiveness.

  94. Sharon Fox Nichols

    If I want to join an atheist group, I prefer it to be able to discuss issues non-believers have with religion. I don’t want to toast marshmallows and make s’mores around the proverbial fire. It isn’t enough to just “assemble” if we aren’t allowed (!!!) to discuss problems with religion. Many who are not among the “Nones” are struggling with their faith and could use some feedback on questions they have on our alternative views and why we have them.

    Hitchens would be appalled at the lack of focus on combatting the pervasiveness of religion on human cultures, particularly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It doesn’t sound as if one of these “Sunday Assemblies” is what I’m looking for. I don’t want to just meet & greet, sing, and do some public action (such as clean up a creek). These sound limited to me. I want an end to religion–nothing less. It’s affect on humanity is to reduce us to mindless sheep, following orders from some male-dominated hierarchy with archaic 2000+ year old myths from illiterate tribes of people.

    1. Valerie Tarico

      There are anti-theist groups doing the work of fighting traditional religious orthodoxies, which as you say, needs doing. In the U.S., American Atheists is one of those, as is the Center for Inquiry and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. In the U.K., One Law for All is a part of the mix. Sunday Assembly seems like something different. It is about meeting the needs of the members–for community, ritual, mutual support, inspiration and so forth.
      If you look at Christianity, there is a whole ecosystem of organizational structures and functions. I suspect that non-theists need the same.

  95. Amber

    Hey, I’d like to attend the Dallas event this Sun. but it seems to be sold out. Anyway I can snag a press pass to check it out?



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  99. sre

    So Sanderson and Pippa,

    Do you take turns being the “Pope”? I guess you would call it the “Nope”.

    Be good.

  100. Barry Johnson

    As a substitute for a Bible, Google “The Way To Happiness”. This organization has a booklet that gives 21 good principals to live by and GOD is not included. The organization if affiliated with Scientology but don’t let this be an issue.

  101. Anon

    I was going to donate to your cause. I was looking for a Paypal button or something on this website.
    Indiegogo is all very well but I have to register an account at yet another site and make/remember yet another password and I’m not sure I can be bothered. The fewer mouse clicks people have to use to donate, the more likely they are to do so!

  102. Mia Adams

    Hi-ya from the US! I reside in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and I would love to take part in organizing a local chapter. I’m actually just 3 miles south of the NC state line, so my metro area is actually Charlotte, NC. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and by all means, come to my Facebook group!

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  104. Tina

    Just today, I followed a religious catholic friend to Christmas carol singing at a church near us. And, as an atheist/agnostic, I always find I love going to church…Buut without all the holiness, and crosses, and Jesus.
    Today, as I was sitting there, I realised, I love it because it’s a place that can potentially nurture the soul, give you a break from the hectic life, and let you breathe and think for a moment, and remember to be grateful, giving, loving and humble.
    And I was thinking, it is only fair, that we as atheists, who represent one FOURTH of this country, surely should have a place like that as well? We have souls that need to breathe, we need to wind down, think about our spirits, how we are towards one another, be reminded to be kind. And we deserve to be able to do that, without religious indoctrination. The right to assembly, no?

  105. Tom Wright

    Prof. R. Dawkins is soon to do a talk with you. I am an admirer of his work, but is he compatible with your 3rd principle of 10 above? For he is positively opposed to supernaturalism?

    Does principle no. 9 need revising or is the double negative, that seems to contradict all rhetoric of inclusivity, intended?: “We won’t won’t tell you how to live, but will try to help you do it as well as you can.”

    Thank you.

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  110. Sunil

    Interesting start up. But I am stuck at the foundation “We are born from nothing and go to nothing” whose opinion is this? A brief explanation would be appreciated.

    1. no8ing

      Good question Sunil. Compare ABOUT The Sunday Assembly statements: “Is 100% celebration of life. We are born from nothing and go to nothing. Let’s enjoy it together”
      “Has no deity. We don’t do supernatural but we also won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do.”

      They are mutually incompatible because “nothing” does not exist except to support the conceptual attributes of a supernatural belief.

  111. Dr. John Patrick


    I’m a scholar of leadership and communication and I’m interested in this movement. If someone from the assembly’s leadership would be so kind as to contact me, I’ve some questions of an academic nature.

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  114. Rachel

    André, are you referring to NC as North Carolina (USA)? I hope this comment reaches you, it’s been quite some time since you posted your original statement.

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  120. Bwambale Musubaho Robert

    We need such congregations here in Africa as well, will try and mobilize to have one created in my area. So happy that people with no belief are coming up with such ideas to bring secular people together for unity, peace and development.

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  122. Diane Jean

    Good evening,

    my name is Diane Jean. I am a journalist at the School of journalism at Sciences Po Paris. I am writing a report about the religious crowd-funding phenomenon. This report can be published in a French newspaper entitled “Le Monde des religions”. Could you answer some of my questions ?

    Best regards,

    Diane Jean

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  127. manoj

    Good concept.need to expand in india also.take advantage of good aspect of church.greater need for new atheists.welcome for noble effort.

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  130. Profile photo of sabra.jonessabra.jones

    Isn’t it pretty much synonymous with Humanism? Whatever, I think its a great idea, and I hope the movement gathers momentum. People go to church for all sorts of reasons, and probably many church goers are atheists on the quiet, who are seeking a sense of belonging to a caring community. This can provide an alternative, more appropriate, forum.

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  138. Eric

    The whole point of being an atheist – or realist, as I call myself – is that I don’t feel obliged to get together with others just because I do not believe in any god.

    Just what is this Sunday Assembly bit trying to prove?

    I’m fed up with the use of the word “celebrate” in every corner of modern living.

    I don’t need to celebrate life; I just get on with it.

    One of the three purposes of religion is to give power to those who want to tell others how to live. I do not need any Assembly to tell me how to do that. Who is making money out of this?

    The other two purposes of religions are to claim to have answers to things we currently don’t have answers for; and to be a source of comfort in war, disaster, illness and death.

    Please let atheists be atheists in their own ways. Not yours.

  139. gary brown

    greetings. i just began watching you on inside man. great idea. i dont know if this came up before or was written prior by anyone here, but if you had a theme song it would have to be john lennon’s IMAGINE. thank you.

  140. Oh Boy

    Hi everyone,

    Life is fun! Interesting thing is that even if we are having fun together, we will, at the end of the day, still feel unsatisfied. The truth is, having a group of people you can run to for encouragement- kind of like that show “Friends”, is awesome. But even friends have their limitations. They can’t heal you when you feel broken, or breathe life into you every morning. Friends don’t know your future, or where you have been. Friends can’t speak a quiet word of direction, and wisdom. And they can’t guarantee you life after you die. But God can. And He does! I’m not a religious person (personally, I hate religion), but I do love relationships. But most importantly, my relationship with God. He’s amazing, and He just “gets me”. He is always with me – and He’s always with you too. I thank God for changing me because, to be honest, even though I was living “the good life” I knew something was missing. God has been the one to give me the rest and freedom that I’ve needed. No gimmicks, just pure love. Personally, although this sounds like a cool weekend party/get-away/retreat, it will still be lacking. It will still never compare to the love God has for you, or for me. Join up if you desire, but when the next “cool thing” comes out, you’ll most likely consider de-enrolling from here, and jumping over there to see the newest trend. Stop now and consider if it really is worth it. God is waiting to start a new life with you – and He doesn’t need anything from you either.

  141. Peggy barr

    Bring it on, I am so liking to hang out with like minded people. Lets do this.

  142. David Boast


    My name is David Boast and I have written a song called “We are all Africans” based on the slogan coined by Professor Richard Dawkins to promote the fact of evolution and atheism. When I initially wrote the lyrics I sent them to The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason via the websites contact form and received a very favourable reply from his pa, Randal Russell.

    My aim now is to get it properly recorded and then re-approach the Foundation to see if they would make in downloadable from the website store as an initial platform.

    The reason I write this is to ask if anyone would provide finance to get it professionally recorded. In return I would offer 30% of all royalties including song writing royalties.

    Below are the lyrics and a link to a crude demo recording. Thank you for you time.

    We are all Africans

    Watching smoke obscuring the sun
    I love this place
    Old London Town
    And the Thames flowing colour of lead
    Shimmering reflections
    Of worn out pubs I love the best
    Then I had to blink and look again
    A fiery sky replaced autumnal rain
    King of the jungle mighty lion
    Pushing the grime from the horizon
    was I losing my mind?
    Or remembering a very distant time

    Cos we are all Africans
    Humanity it started there
    There’s a chromozone in all of us
    One that we all share
    With an old African lady
    Her name is Chromozone Eve
    She is the reason
    That I live and breath
    So I raise my glass and toast her
    And I hope you follow me
    If we can all remember her
    We will all stay free

    See the world spinning through outer space
    Getting smaller each day
    As science gathers in pace
    Galaxies more than fine grains of sand
    Are they harbouring life?
    Do we fit in their plans?
    Than I had to stop and think again
    Whatever’s out there beyond our domain
    Asteroids hurtling towards us
    Aliens, will they come to crush us?But then my thoughts became crystal clear
    As I realised we had nothing to fear

    Cos we are all Africans
    Humanity it started there
    There’s a chromozone in all of us
    One that we all share
    With an old African lady
    Her name is Chromozone Eve
    She is the reason
    That I live and breath
    So I raise my glass and toast her
    And I hope you follow me
    If we can all remember her
    We will all stay free


  143. Aussie Dreamer

    Late 2014 – Early 2014 we are planning on a overseas relocation into the Cardiff, Wales, UK area and hope upon our arrival that we find The Sunday Assembly already established within this area for hubby and I to attend? How will I know if 1 has formed? I do subscribe to The Sunday Assembly monthly newsletter.

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  148. Ann

    I’ve just been listening to Sanderson Jones on Clare Balding’s, Good Morning Sunday, radio programme. This is the place for me. I’m spiritual but not religious … I want to belong to a community but have never found one that I have felt comfortable in.The Sunday Assembly sounds about right …
    Does anyone know of an Assembly in South Tyneside, better still South Shields. There is the pub, the Assembly, but I’m sure that’s not the same thing!!!

  149. Steve

    I’d rather this movement be called a secular movement rather than “godless” because it implies that this movement is essentially defining itself against religious ideology. The charter says it respects those who have religious beliefs – so definition derived from some form of religious idea seems to me to be anachronistic.

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