New Sunday Assembly Sites

Hey there! Must say, you look particularly sharp today. This is just a little note to let you know that The Sunday Assembly local sites have moved. You can now find your Assembly at So, without further adod, here are the links to the new websites for: Bristol,UK New York,US Melbourne,AU London,UK Brighton,UK We […]

Sunday Assembly, London: Brains, January 19th – 11 am, Conway Hall

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On Sunday 19th Sam Nightingale will be delving into the secrets of the brain, showing just how wonderful the grey goo in your brain is. He knows all about it as he is a tippety-top neuroscientist, who knows the back of the brain like the back of his hand. There’ll be wonderful songs, excellent people […]

One year of Sunday Assembly and we’ve never been stronger.

Hi everyone, Thanks so much for the concern that has been shown about our health following a somewhat shrill and alarmist article on CNN, but there’s no need to worry. We’re doing great. Better than great. In fact, it is our first birthday today and we’ve never been stronger. Before we look what we achieved […]

Remembrance Sunday Assembly

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This Sunday, November 3rd, Sunday Assembly will be covering the topic of Remembrance. We hope to explore why it is important to remember those who have fallen and pay our respects. With us is guest speaker, Dan Snow, who you may have seen on the television box. This week we will also have a kids […]

Sunday Assembly, London: Global Mega Party! – October 20th, 11 am.

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October 20th we are having a party, at our usual time in London, for the launch of the 40 Dates and the 40 Nights Roadshow, and our crowdfunding campaign, and everyone in the world is invited. As it’s a party we are going to have some extra super great elements – including a variety of […]

October 20th: Global Mega Party

It’s time to put a date in your diary, people (actually, write an appointment next to a date in your diary (if you have a diary without dates in it, then it is just a book and someone has conned you)), because on October 20th we are having a party, at our usual time in […]

Sunday Assembly, London: ‘Harvest Festival’, 15th September

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After a long summer ripening on the vine, it’s time to collect the harvest, or something like that. Either way, we’re having a Harvest Festival at Conway Hall and we’d love you to come. Our speaker is Simon Howland, Australia wine drinker, trader, journalist and all round good guy. He knows wine and he knows […]

Sunday Assembly, London – Sept 1st – ‘Go Team!’

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After a lovely summer break, Sunday Assembly London starts again with the topic “Go Team!”. We’ll be talking about working together, trying your best and hopefully being your team. There’s going to be a fantastic sportsman talking, and lots of jolly songs and fun and tea! See you there, you beautiful squares. Oh, for those […]